“As someone who has lived with eczema since childhood, I can honestly say I’ve waited my whole life for Noosh Naturals’ Sea Buck MSM Body Lotion.  I’ve never come across a product that calms my itchiness and heals my tempestuous skin so efficiently when it flares up.  It’s also a very efficient moisturizer. Lastly, it’s completely 100% free of chemicals and industrial nastiness.”


“Used sea buck balm for my on going eczema and had visible result after 1 night. accidentally burnt my finger tips today by grabbing a hot oven tray (180degrees) w a thin towel (I know, quite stupid). the sea buck balm was right next to me so I smeared it over my finger tips, the burnt sensation and redness went off after about/less than 10min and I could eat my chicken wings w my burnt fingers.#bravo.”

Elizabeth Tao

“Noosh Naturals AYUR Revival Herbal Hair Oil Has stimulated hair growth on my hair parting after using it for about a month.”

Corrinne Lee

“In love with the deodorant! Natural scent and works the same way as an anti-perspirant. Has also helped to lighten dark spots (due to shaving) and does not have any sticky feel after application. Good stuff! Recommended.”

Deepa Mogan

“Picked the noosh serum at the Row. Absolutely amazing . Clear and very light and face also feels refreshed .. it’s a very nice product.”

Aparna Shah Mahesh

“Amazing product. Got the serum, oil and also the balm. The smell was soo soothing and love how it was not sticky at all.”

Kanchini Sekaran

“I love all their products.”

Amelia Pravinna

“C-Buck Serum – absolutely amazing!”

Jyanthi Pattis

“It is so lovely and the hair oil too makes the hair grow super fast.”

Nita Sinnadurai

“Nice product and i use the balm as my night cream for face.”

Shirly Wong

“I am in awe of how yoy are working on noosh and you had me at noosh… the name itself …was like genius…now the product…more genius and i’m a damn tough customer so if i like it means its awesome and everyone must use it.” Input the main text content for your module here.


“Thanks a lot Dr. Anusha, the application of Ayur hair oil has brought a considerable reduction in my daughter’s hair-fall nightmare. Thanks for your suggestion, have boosted up her calcium & B complex.”


“Hi sis…i forgot to update u. I bought the sea bulk balm from u. Using it for my son dry skin problem. It really helps with his dry skin problem. Before using your balm, he will always ask to scratch his body when it gets dry. Even i apply lotion it doesnt help. Every night when he gets warm he will start to scratch. After applying ur balm (i will apply after each shower- 3times a day). It really helps. Tq so much one more thing the other day at nite he had some allergy reactiln after eating some fish keropok. Rashes and itchiness on his back. Immediately i wiped his body with warm water and apply the balm. In 1/2 hour everything gets normal.”


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